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High Head Pumps

Selwood H80

These specialist pumps, which incorporate the features of all Selwood's other prime assisted pumps, meet the demands for high head dewatering applications.

With a proven design, its simplicity offers easy operation and unparalleled reliability coupled with inherent safety.

This environmentally friendly high head range has the unique Selprime automatic air pump priming. The H80 has an oil immersed mechanical seal.

All the pumps provide fully automatic self priming from depths of up to 9.1m.

selwood 80ah
Power Requirement (kw)   27
Pump Speed (rpm) 2000
Capacity (m³/h) 95
Suction Lift (m) 9.1
Solids Size (mm) 19
Air Handling (I/s) 4.25
Inlet Port (mm) 80
Outlet Port (mm) 80
Delivery Head (m) 95
  • Unique Auto Self Priming
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Indefinite Dry Running
  • Abrasive Solids Handling
  • Multi Chassis Choice

Sykes HH125

Suction Flange:   150 mm
Delivery Flange:   150 mm
Nominal Casing Thickness:   18 mm
Solids Handling Size:   29 mm
Operating Speed:   MIN: 1400rpm MAX: 2400rpm
Maximum Head:   127 m
Maximum Capacity:   57 L/sec

Godwin HL6Godwin HL6

The Godwin Dri-Prime 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm) HL6M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a high pressure discharge pump with maximum flows of 2300 gallons per minute (145 l/sec.) and discharge heads to 320 feet (97.5M) or 135 psi (9.3 BAR). At home in a wide variety of applications, the HL6M has been used in temporary fire service, quarry and mine dewatering, and as a temporary replacement for permanently installed transfer pumps. Like all Godwin Dri-Prime pumps, the HL6M can prime and reprime automatically from dry to 28 feet (8.5M) of suction lift.




Godwin HL6/TS-2

The Godwin Dri-Prime 200mm x 150mm (8" x 6") HL6-TS is an automatic self-priming, centrifugal, two-stage high pressure discharge pump with maximum flows of 450 M3/hr (125 l/sec) and heads to 140 M (460 feet) or 13.5 BAR (200 psi). The unique two-stage impeller design boosts discharge pressures for use in high pressure or high discharge lift applications without sacrificing flow. Successfully used in quarry and mine dewatering and temporary fire service, the HL6-TS is also used as a temporary replacement for permanently installed pumps. Like all Godwin Dri-Prime pumps, the HL6-TS can prime and reprime automatically from dry to 8.5M (28 feet) of suction lift.

  • Fully automatic priming from dry to 8.5M (28 foot) suction lift. Maximum heads to 140 M, maximum flows to 450 cubic meters per hour.
  • Extensive application flexibility – will handle sludges and liquids with solids up to 30mm (1-1/8") in diameter.
  • Continuously operated “Godwin” venturi air ejector priming device featuring belt driven air compressor requiring no form of periodic adjustment or control.
  • Solids handling mushroom-type Non Return valve with renewable flexible rubber seat.
  • Compact unit mounted on a heavy-duty skid base incorporating integral overnight running fuel tank and lifting frame.
godwin hl6/ts
Maximum operating speed   2000 rpm
Maximum operating temperature +100°C
Maximum working pressure 195 psi (13.5 bar)
Maximum suction pressure 88psi (6 bar)
Maximum test pressure 290 psi (20 bar)
Fuel tank capacity 450 litres
Hours running 10 hours
Pipe connections:
8" (200mm) ASA 150
6" (150mm) ASA 300
Solids handling 1-3/8" (35mm) dia.


  • Pump casing and bearing casing: close grained cast iron
  • Impeller: cast chromium steel
  • Wearplates: cast chromium iron
  • Mechanical seal: solid silicon carbide faced, oil bath lubricated

Sykes HH220i

Pump Description:   Single Stage, volute type, 4 bladed fully open Centrifugal pump
Suction Flange:   200 mm
Delivery Flange:   150 mm
Nominal Casing Thickness:   16 mm
Solids Handling Size:   55 mm

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