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Electric submersible pump range

Electric submersible pumps have multiple uses, and vary widely in their design and features. They are highly efficient at removing several types of fluid, even at significant elevation differences. If you require one, it is important to rent the right model for the job.

Pump Hire Ltd understands the need to have a reliable machine at your work site. We provide first class submersible pumps in NZ, and will also service and maintain your pumping equipment. Whether in oil wells or treatment plants, our machines will perform at your required level of output.

The Flygt Bibo range gives you a wide selection of submersible pumps that are robust, mobile and truly versatile. Designed to stand up to the harshest circumstances, these heavy-duty pumps will meet or exceed all user expectations. They offer reliable solutions to tough pumping challenges within a wide variety of applications, e.g.

  • Large infrastructure (road, rail, airport) and power station dam construction projects

  • Large mining projects and mining operations (iron ore, gold, coal, minerals etc)

  • Large and small tunnelling projects (Channel tunnel, Great-Belt etc) Medium and small construction projects

  • Local utility and telecom construction site projects

Regardless of the industry, scope, or volume, we will provide and install the submersible pumps your project requires. Pump Hire Ltd has the expertise and resources to meet all specifications no matter how unique or challenging. Give us a call today to learn more.







Flygt 2400

8kw 2800rpm

20kw 2900rpm

54kw 1470rpm


3ph 400v

3ph 400v

3ph 400v

3ph 400v
Running amps

16 amps

35 amps

96 amps

142 amps
Max power input

9.5kw 11.9hp

23kw 29hp

54kw 72.5hp


710mm 28"

745mm 30"

1200mm 43"

Width (max)

535mm 21"

655mm 26"

950mm 38"

Weight (max)

92kg 203lb

165kg 363lb

540kg 1188lb

Hose size

HT 75mm 3"
MT 150mm 6"

HT 100mm 4"
LT 150mm 6"

HT 150mm 6"
MT 200mm 8"
MT 250mm 10"

Generator required






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