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Submersible Pumps for Sewages

Draining wastewater is always a challenging task, as sewage contains many solid obstructions. Rocks, sandy earth, clumps of slime, and other objects will easily damage normal pumping equipment as they pass through. Because of this, using specialised sewage pumps is necessary for a smooth, consistent flow of water.

We stock a range of modern and well-maintained submersible sewage pumps. The products we offer are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial wastewater applications; no matter what the industry or how large the volume, one of our pumps can finish the job.

Many customers have counted on us to meet their sewage pumping requirements over the years. If you need to rent a pump for any length of time, or are looking for someone to handle the whole project, Pump Hire Ltd would be happy to assist. Our two most popular items in this category are:

Flygt 3152

13.5kw, 400 volts, 50hz, 100mm hoses/pipework.

This submersible sewage pump is smaller than most of its non-submersible counterparts, while boasting excellent performance in a variety of settings. Low noise, easy installation, virtually no cooling issues and a compact design make the Flygt 3152 a reliable choice.

Tsurumi NKZ

11kw, 400 volts, 50 hz, 75mm hoses/pipework

The Tsurumi NKZ series consists of heavy-duty pumps that excel at handling solid matter. It can efficiently deal with sandy earth, slime, and other common obstructions. The pumpís special cooling system allows consistent operation while exposed to the air.


Other sewage pumps available as requested. Contact us with your requirements, and we will gladly offer a recommendation.




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